Hayley E. Lavik doesn’t really think you want to know about her. Not where she grew up, or where she got her degree, but you’re here so you might like to know her earliest career goal was to become a squirrel. When several summers hiding in treetops did not yield the desired results, she decided to choose something much more practical, like writing.

Early on Hayley also learned that wardrobes, rings, and puddles could take you to Other Places, and began to hunt in earnest for a tunnel to Elsewhere from her closet. When the search proved fruitless, she turned to other places most people don’t go, such as the new house down the street after the workers left, staying overnight at a museum, and lurking about schools and campuses after hours.

Rooftops were the next logical step, but, given the fitness requirements and potential trespassing issues of wandering rooftops, Hayley eventually returned to her second career choice and began writing characters who went there instead. She also enjoys knocking them off said rooftops and otherwise making life hard for them.

Now a fantasy writer and folklore enthusiast, Hayley crosses a black cat daily, but always throws spilled salt over the correct shoulder. She is still looking for that tunnel from the closet.